I am a pastry chef currently working at Mica Helisking.  I split my time between the lodge and Calgary where I am working on my food truck 4D ICE CREAM, which will be opening in the summer of 2017.  I graduated from the S.A.I.T Baking and Pastry Arts Program in 2010.  After graduating I worked in the industry for a few years before deciding that I was going to try my hand at being an entrepreneur.  My fiancé and I built our selves a wood fired brick oven and renovated an old GMC motor home into a food truck and began selling Artisan bread at farmers markets in and around the Kimberley, Cranbrook Area.  We called our selves the Backyard Bakers, handmade Artisan breads from the backyard of the kootenays “literally the backyard, I had to fend off hungry deer from steeling bread straight from the hearth on more than one occasion”.

Unfortunately we found out the hard way that starting a grass roots business from a line of credit can only bring you so far, before you need to drop some serious cheddar.  We decided this was a little too much to handle for two twenty something’s with student debt, so we closed shop a little wiser than when we had opened.

I then decided to funnel all of my passion for baking into creating a book, “The Dessert Anthology, dessert for thought”.   In which I have fun experimenting with dessert and exploring not what dessert has been but what it can be.  Before long a concept I call existential baking begins to emerge from my exploration.  I had found something to link together all the random tangents I had visited in my culinary journey and I ran with it.

To expand further upon this concept, existentialism is a philosophy of which the primary focus is the existence of the individual in respect to experiences.  Basically it holds the individual and his or her responsibilities above any metaphysical abstractions and as the sole provider of one’s reality.  So just as ones experiences are central to their reality so too are my experiences central to the Existential philosophies that build the frame work of my book.  Basically there is no theme or specific cuisine I am interested in the only thing stringing together these random thoughts turned into recipes is experience through experimentation.  I invite you to be part of my experiences and use them to inspire your own culinary experiences, to play, and to hold your own thoughts above others in respect to what you find scrumptious.

These days you can find me at Mica Lodge or in cyber space at where I continue to play and experiment with dessert.

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