Quantum Biological Pie

So for this dessert concept I am going to channel my inner science nerd and then lock him in a room with my inner artist. My hope is that after the arguing and pointless pseudo intellectual debates the two will realize they aren’t so different and simply have different perspectives. It’s a thing of beauty when two perspectives team up and collaborate to create something unique; one picks up where the other drops off. I have a great deal of respect for the scientific method, with out it humanity would not be where we are today and even an artsy farts person like myself can see that there is no place for creativity in the scientific method. However with out a creative sense of wonder we wouldn’t be inspired to ask some of the questions that science has graciously provided answers for; further more when creativity is allowed to take an answer that scientific method has provided and play with it stupendous ideas and creations can manifest. “bio digital jazz, mann”

Henceforth and forever more there will be a final creative method added to the scientific method. All those in favor say yay! All those apposed read no further.

Just trying to rial you up, get the synapses firing!

On with the subject at hand, pie! Specifically quantum biological pie, WTF does that mean? Allow me to explain eighty percent of the flavor experience is related to smell and a new theory presented by ….. is searching for answers to how we smell. It was previously thought that it was a simple lock and key model. As we breath in molecules in the air land on specific bonding sites which are specifically shaped to receive a certain molecule a signal is sent to the brain and we take those signals and interpret them as a certain smell. The problem is some molecules have identical shapes but we can still interpret them as different smells. So here is the theory in layman’s terms, the molecule must still fit the specific bonding site but it must also vibrate at a certain frequency so that the electrons can travel through the molecule via quantum tunneling and send the signal to our brain.

So I decided I would like to take this knowledge and apply it to baking to try an create a unique dessert experience. Why do so with pie? Because I had a hankering for it.  The plan is to create a pie with an extra flavor profile that is provided by scent alone.

Not to sure how I am going to do it yet, so I am looking for ideas, inspiration, or simply comments on the concept.

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