Camping! My favorite thing about camping is the timelessness of it, the duration maters not, but for that short while analog time does not exist. I rise with the sun, eat when I am hungry, sleep when I feel like it, and in between I frolic. Yes, a “manly” frolic through the woods, does the soul good. Frolic is my favorite verb, it can describe many an action, for me I like to think it looks something like the prowess of Chuck Norris and the juvenile playfulness of Robin Goodfellow.

Just let that imagery percolate for a minute. . . . . . . . .

Now wipe that smirk from your face and go frolic, then come back here and finish reading my post.

So I decided to get away for a few days and go camping last week, I awoke in the morning opened my cooler and figured out how I could combine the ingredients I had into an interestingly sweet breakfast. Here is what I came up with.

You will need

1 cantaloupe

1 pear

1 can of hefeweizen beer

4 marshmallows

1 camp fire

2015-07-05 20.42.35 2015-07-05 20.31.12

Cut the cantaloupe in half and spoon out the seeds, then peel and core the pear. Place half the pear inside the cantaloupe and fill the cantaloupe with beer. I used some mellow moon pineapple hefeweizen, the sweet peppery flavor added a nice contrast to the floral unctuous flavors of the cantaloupe. Wrap the cantaloupe in tin foil and place it in the coals of your camp fire, cook for half an hour to 45 minutes, you want the pear to be fully cooked and soft.

2015-07-05 20.07.332015-07-05 20.44.38

Toast a few marshmallows to place on top of the cantaloupe and you have your breakfast. The cantaloupe flesh breaks down into a delicious beer infused soup so you will want a spoon, or a handy dandy spork.

2015-07-05 21.23.072015-07-05 21.05.482015-07-05 21.19.302015-07-05 21.27.29

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